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Suppression System Bi-Annual Inspections

Don't Let Safety Fall Through the Cracks 

Alltron Systems' Inspections Keep Your Suppression Systems in Top Shape

Regular semi-annual inspections are critical for the reliable operation of fire suppression systems. These inspections help identify and address potential issues before they compromise the system's ability to effectively suppress a fire, thereby protecting both lives and property.


A semi-annual fire suppression inspection involves a detailed examination of a fire suppression system to ensure its proper functionality and readiness in case of a fire. These systems, which can vary widely in type (e.g., wet chemical, clean agent, CO2, foam, water mist), are designed to quickly suppress fires and minimize damage. The standards for these inspections are typically outlined by organizations like the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). The specific NFPA standard depends on the type of suppression system being inspected. For example, NFPA 17 covers dry chemical extinguishing systems, NFPA 17A covers wet chemical extinguishing systems, and NFPA 2001 covers clean agent fire extinguishing systems.

Here’s what a semi-annual fire suppression inspection generally entails:

fire suppression system inspection

Physical Inspection

Examine all visible parts of the system for signs of damage, corrosion, obstruction, or tampering. This includes nozzles, piping, hoses, and
storage containers for extinguishing agents.

technician performing an inspection of suppression systems

Agent Level Check

For systems using extinguishing agents (like chemicals or gaseous agents), checking the level or weight of the agent to ensure it is within the recommended range.

fire suppression system maintenance

Pressure Gauges

Inspecting pressure gauges on agent cylinders to ensure they
are within the correct operating range.

control panel

Control Panels

Testing and inspecting the control panels and associated alarms
and detectors for proper operation.

fire suppression valve and gauges

Nozzle and Valve Functionality

Checking that nozzles and valves are not obstructed and operate correctly.

fire sprinkler system

Hanger/Bracket Integrity

Ensuring that hangers, brackets, and supports are secure and in good condition.

fire alarm technician performing inspection of control panel

Electrical Components

For systems with electrical components, inspecting for proper wiring, battery life, and functionality of electrically-operated parts.

discharge test

Discharge Test

Some systems may require a discharge test to ensure proper operation (though this might not be semi-annual).

fire hazard sign

Signage and Instructions

Verifying that proper signage and instructions for the system's use and maintenance are posted and legible.

fire safety compliance reports

Record Keeping

Updating and reviewing records of inspections, maintenance, and any activations or issues encountered with the system.

exceeding expectations for your fire suppression systems

Compliance Check

Ensuring the system complies with
local fire codes and the specific NFPA standards applicable to the type of fire
suppression system.

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Comprehensive Reporting and Action Plans

At Alltron Systems, our suppression system inspections go beyond just checking boxes. We provide detailed inspection reports that outline the status of all components, identify any deficiencies, and offer recommendations for maintenance or repairs. Additionally, our team takes immediate action to implement any necessary corrective measures, ensuring that your system remains functional and effective at all times. Trust Alltron Systems for thorough inspections and proactive solutions to keep your property safe.

Exceeding Expectations

At Alltron Systems, we go above and beyond for your fire suppression systems.

From adhering to manufacturer's guidelines to providing comprehensive training, we ensure optimal performance. Additionally, we meticulously review any modifications or upgrades made to the system or protected area since the last inspection. Trust us to exceed your expectations in every aspect of system maintenance.


Ready to ensure the reliability and effectiveness of your suppression system? Contact Alltron Systems today to schedule your inspection. Our team of experts is here to provide thorough assessments and proactive solutions to keep your property safe. Reach out to us now and experience peace of mind knowing your suppression system is in good hands.

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