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5-Year Standpipe Fire Department Connection (FDC) Hydro Inspection

Fire Department Connection

Our 5-year Standpipe FDC Hydro Inspections adhere strictly to NFPA regulations. Here’s why they matter:

During a fire, every second counts. FDCs provide direct access to water from the municipal water supply or other water sources for firefighting efforts. Regular inspections ensure that FDCs remain functional and ready for use when firefighters need them most. A well-maintained FDC ensures consistent water flow and pressure, critical for effective fire suppression.

Thorough Examination

Our certified technicians meticulously inspect FDC components. We check valves, drains, and pipe interiors for signs of wear or damage.

Documentation and Reporting

Detailed records are maintained for compliance purposes. You’ll receive a comprehensive report after each inspection.

We tailor our services to your building’s unique requirements. Whether it’s a commercial high-rise or an industrial facility, we’ve got you covered.

Detecting Issues Early


Even minor leaks can compromise water supply.


Over time, pipes may corrode, affecting water flow.


Debris or blockages can hinder FDC performance.

Stand Pipe

Contact Alltron Systems today to schedule an Inspection.


Ready to ensure your building's fire safety compliance? Contact Alltron Systems today for expert standpipe services. Our team of professionals is equipped to assess, maintain, and certify your standpipe systems, providing peace of mind and safety assurance. Don't compromise on fire readiness – trust Alltron Systems for your standpipe inspection needs.

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