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Monthly Emergency Light Inspection

The Crucial Role of Emergency Light Inspections

Emergency lights provide illumination during power outages or emergencies, ensuring safe evacuation. According to the National Fire Code - 2019 Alberta Edition (NFC 2019 AE), conducting monthly emergency light inspections is crucial for occupant safety and compliance.

Here’s what a Monthly Emergency Lighting Inspection generally entails:

visual inspection

Visual Inspection

This involves checking all emergency lighting units and exit signs for any physical damage, improper installation, or obstructions that could
impede their visibility or operation.

functional testing of emergency lighting

Functional Testing

This is a test of the lights and signs to ensure they turn on
automatically when power is lost. The inspection includes a “flick test” to simulate a power failure.

maintenance records review

Record Keeping

Inspectors will record the inspection results and maintain records of tests and inspections for at least two years for review by authorities. 


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