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3-Year Dry Sprinkler System Trip Test

Protect Your Property: Essential Maintenance for Dry Sprinkler Systems

Minimize Risks and Maximize Safety with Alltron Systems

A 3-year dry sprinkler system trip test is an important maintenance procedure required for dry pipe sprinkler systems. These systems are typically used in environments where the ambient temperature may be cold enough to freeze water in a standard wet pipe sprinkler system. The test is designed to ensure the reliability and prompt response of the system in the event of a fire.

What the 3-Year Trip Test Entails

activation time measurment

Activation Time Measurement

The primary objective of the trip test is to measure the time it takes for the dry pipe valve to trip (open) and for water to travel from the valve to the furthest sprinkler head. This is crucial because dry systems rely on air pressure to keep the valve closed, and a delay in water delivery can be detrimental during a fire.

system draining air pressure adjustment

System Draining/ Air Pressure Adjustment

Initially, the system is fully drained of any residual water to mimic the conditions following a fire response or previous maintenance. The system is then reset, and the air pressure is adjusted to the normal operating level.

valva trip

Valve Trip

The test involves tripping the valve manually and starting a timer to measure how long it takes for water to reach the furthest sprinkler head.

inspection of components

Inspection of Components

During the test, various components of the system, such as the dry pipe valve, air pressure alarms, and low-pressure switches, are inspected for proper operation.

drip sprinkler system restoration

Restoration of System

After the test, the system is returned to its normal operating condition, ensuring it is ready for actual fire protection duties.

NFPA National fire protection association certified

Standards Followed

The test follows the guidelines set forth in the NFPA 25, "Standard for the Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems." NFPA 25 specifies that this trip test should be conducted every three years


Protect your property from the elements and ensure the reliability of your dry sprinkler system with Alltron Systems. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing thorough maintenance services that keep your system functioning optimally, giving you peace of mind knowing your property is safe and secure. Contact us today to schedule your maintenance appointment.

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