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Annual Standpipe Inspection

Elevate Your Fire Safety Standards

Alltron Systems' Standpipe Inspections Ensure Readiness When It Counts

An annual standpipe inspection is a thorough examination of a building's standpipe system to ensure it is functioning correctly and meets safety standards. Standpipe systems are an integral part of a building's fire protection system, providing a means to supply water to hose connections at various locations throughout the building, primarily for use by the fire department during a fire emergency.

The standards for these inspections are typically set by organizations such as the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) in the United States, particularly NFPA 25,"Standard for the Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems."

Here's what an annual standpipe inspection generally entails:

visual inspection

Visual Inspection

Checking the entire standpipe system for signs of physical
damage, leaks, or corrosion. This includes all pipes, fittings, braces, and

hose storage devices and cabinets

Hose Storage Devices and Cabinets

Ensuring that hose storage devices and cabinets are in good condition, accessible, and properly marked.

valves inspection

Valves Inspection

Inspecting all valves (control valves, check valves, gate
valves, etc.) to ensure they are accessible, properly identified, and fully operational. This also includes testing valve tamper switches, if present.

pressure gauges inspection

Pressure Gauges

Inspecting pressure gauges for accuracy and clear readability. Gauges are typically replaced every five years or as needed.

hose connections

Hose Connections

Checking hose connections for accessibility, proper threading, and caps. The caps should be intact and undamaged to protect the threads and prevent debris from entering the system.

water flow test

Water Flow Test

Conducting a water flow test to check the water pressure and
flow rate. This ensures that the system can deliver an adequate water supply at the required pressure.

hydrant connection inspection

Hydrant Connection Inspection

If the system includes a fire department connection (FDC), it should be inspected for accessibility, proper identification, and condition of the caps and gaskets.



Checking that all required signage is in place and legible. This includes identification signs for control valves and instructions for use at hose

reviewing records of inspections


Reviewing and updating the records of all inspections, tests, and maintenance activities conducted on the standpipe

documentation and reporting

Documentation and Reporting

After the inspection, a detailed report is provided outlining the condition of the standpipe system, results of any tests conducted, and any deficiencies or concerns that need to be addressed.

corrective action

Corrective Action

If any issues or deficiencies are identified, these will be
documented, and Alltron will assist you in promptly taking corrective actions.


eady to ensure your building's fire safety compliance? Contact Alltron Systems today for expert standpipe inspection services. Our team of professionals is equipped to assess, maintain, and certify your standpipe systems, providing peace of mind and safety assurance. Don't compromise on fire readiness – trust Alltron Systems for your standpipe inspection needs.

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