Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguisher Services

Annual Inspection, 6 Year Maintenance, Hydrostatic Testing

Some companies that are not certified to “maintain” portable fire extinguishers have been contracting a service with building owners/managers to conduct the required monthly “inspections” and this service includes checking fire extinguishers to determine if they require immediate, annual or six-year maintenance and/or hydrostatic testing.
Generally, companies providing this service are fire alarm and detection system or fixed fire extinguishing system maintenance companies. As “inspection” checks are done, the service tags or labels of a certified fire extinguisher servicing company are being replaced by tags or labels reflecting the inspection company’s name and address. This practice is not acceptable. Building owners/managers have the incorrect impression that their extinguishers have been properly serviced by a certified fire extinguisher servicing company.

Only qualified staff of the certified fire extinguisher servicing company, can affix tags or labels to portable fire extinguishers. The tag or label shall conform to AFC, Division B, Sentence and clearly indicate the level of service performed by the certified fire extinguisher servicing company servicing the extinguisher. Removal, addition or alteration of an extinguisher tag by anyone else is a violation of the Alberta Fire Code and the Safety Codes Act.